About us

JSSO was established in December 2006 at the 10th Annual Japanese Occupational Science Seminar (JOSS), a seminar that has been held annually since 1995. It was through such venues as the annual occupational science seminar where ideas could be discussed and the impetus for a society was born out of the growing interest for a national community of like-minded people. 

Aims of the Society

The Japanese Society for the Study of Occupation (JSSO) aims to promote (1) current topics in occupational science research and education, (2) interdisciplinary research focusing on human occupation, and (3) the national and international exchange of ideas surrounding research, education, and policy trends grounded in occupational science.

Meeting the Aims

Mechanisms by which to meet aims (2006-2008):
1) Formal creation of a society (JSSO) with a governing board and membership
2) Hosting of an annual conference to share knowledge and networks
3) Development and maintenance of a bi-lingual website dedicated to the promotion of Occupational science and JSSO membership interests
4) Publication of a bi-annual membership newsletter
5) Publication of an annual Japanese Journal of Occupational Science
6) Dissemination of translated abstracts from the Journal of Occupational Science to raise an interest in international bodies of literature

JSSO Executive Board

President  Tomoko Kondo

Vice President  Sawako Saitou
Vice President  Satoshi Nakatsuka
Vice President  Shingo Yamane

Board Member  Tadanori Imai
Board Member  Mari Sakaue
Board Member  Masayuki Takagi
Board Member  Peter Bontje
Board Member  Miyuki Minato

Auditor  Ayumi Nishino
Auditor  Ayako Wakai